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Tastyland Chicken & Pizza prides itself on the quality of our food, it’s the ingredient of our success. Our famous spice coatings and secret recipes grace every fresh, tender, juicy chicken leading to a delicious bite. Whether it’s a party for the kids, a family meal, midweek treat or lunch on the go, we’ve got it. From original recipe chicken pieces, burgers, buckets, spicy wings, boneless meat to our memorable popcorn chicken. Not to mention our freshly prepared salads and tasty side dishes, nothing beats the irresistible taste of Tastyland Chicken & Pizza.

At Tastyland Chicken & Pizza we serve a wide range of real chicken burgers, including the world famous Chicken Fillet burger all of which are made from 100% chicken breast fillet and coated in a unique recipe to give you that distinct Tastyland Chicken And Pizza taste. ALL OF OUR BURGERS ARE 100% CHICKEN BREAST FILLET, NONE CONTAIN ANY PROCESSED MEAT.


To prepare our Tastyland Chicken & Pizza Original Recipe chicken, we take whole fresh pieces of chicken; coat them in our famous secret recipe of herbs and spices to create the amazing Tastyland Chicken & Pizza taste. The whole chicken pieces are cooked under pressure to seal in all the natural succulence, taste and tenderness, whilst ensuring that the meat is cooked to perfection.

Tastyland Chicken & Pizza prides itself on producing only the best halal chicken for all our customers. All our meat is 100% halal and we adhere to the strictest standards of quality. Our chicken is continually tested against tough criteria, which include succulence, crispiness and the secret recipe flavour to ensure that our customers enjoy the great taste of Tastyland Chicken & Pizza every time.

The Original Recipe chicken is served in a variety of delicious individual and family meals to offer you a great choice.


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